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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hello Friends!

I think we all have forgotten about this blog.

Please post your yummy recipes so we can enjoy them after we go home! To post just email the recipes and any pictures you might have to:

I also thought we could use this blog to decide on a good day for our dinners. Sandie and I were talking yesterday that we could have a flexible community dinner night. Instead of being on a fixed night of the week, we could have it change every week based on the host's availability, in short the night that works best for the person who will be cooking. However, if you rather have a fixed night for our dinners please vote for your favourite day.

I have setup 2 polls, so you can leave your opinion on these ideas.

Also, here are the pictures Brennon took last night!

See you next week!


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  1. Brennon, sorry I changed the background of the blog! I could not get the polls to to appear with the previous background. After trying for about 20 min. I decided it was simpler to change the background of the entire blog.